Cystic Fibrosis Workout Warriors advocate and spread awareness by promoting exercise and a healthy lifestyle within the cystic fibrosis community. They inspire, lead, teach, and change lives through the promotion of exercise and fitness.

In this video series, we tell the stories of workout warriors who exemplify what Team Boomer represents.



Introducing… Luke Campbell, a Team Boomer #CFWorkoutWarrior. He stays consistent with his treatments, participates in clinical trials, and loves running and playing sports to keep his lungs strong.

Tune in to learn more about Luke!



Meet CF Workout Warrior, Erinn Hoyt. She grew up swimming because of how good it was for her lungs, but stuck with it because she fell in love with the competition. Eventually, her health declined, so she needed a double lung transplant. But that didn’t stop her – one and half years later she was back in the water competing at the transplant games.

To other people living with cystic fibrosis, she encourages them to find a passion or a hobby and never allow CF to become their identity.

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Meet CF Workout Warrior, Shad Murphy!

Shad is a BEF Scholarship receiving, elementary school teaching, marathon running, stubborn 22-year-old who never lets cystic fibrosis get in his way. He has always played sports, but football was his main focus until he graduated high school and found running. He considers it a blessing that he is able to go out and hit the pavement, knowing that there are people who can’t.

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Diagnosed at 11 with cystic fibrosis, Olivia Clarke was forced to grow up quickly. In spite of the challenges she faced, her mom signed her up for everything to try it at least once – and that paid off with dance. She started dancing at the age of 4, and it eventually became what her life revolved around – her outlet, her home, and the thing that helped her stay alive and strong and healthy.

Tune in to learn more about Olivia and how she turned her passion into a career with CF Beam.



Meet CF Workout Warrior, Joey Teixeira. Diagnosed at a few weeks old, he says to this day that he owes his health to his mom. And while he started working out for more superficial reasons, fitness is now an integral part of his routine because it makes him feel stronger and improves his lung function.



Meet CF Workout Warrior, Meg DiBenedetto. From a young age, her parents told her she could do anything she set her mind to – and she proved them right!

Earn two college degrees and work on a third? Check.

Become a nurse? Check.

Play (almost) every sport? Check.

Tune in to learn more about Meg and how she stays motivated, healthy, and happy.


Meet CF Workout Warrior, Steve Bell! Steve has been active his entire life and believes in the value of exercise. From a young age, his parents taught him that it’s okay to dream and to put the work in to achieve those dreams. With those lessons in mind, Steve has completed four NYC Marathons, got married, has children, and has remained dedicated to his fitness and overall health throughout the pandemic.

Tune in to learn more about Steve, his family, and his commitment to setting a positive example for others in the CF community.









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