July 2019 CFWorkoutWarrior – Julia Reed


I just finished my seventh-grade year at Kimpton Middle School in Stow where I am a three-sport athlete. I started the year with cross country, during the winter I was on a swim team, and during the spring I played lacrosse.  I love to run and swim, and especially I love being with my friends. I am best known as the friend who can make you laugh at any time.

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2019 CF Workout Warrior of the Year

Reilly CFWW of the Year

I am very excited to win this. It means a lot to me, for people to know all the hard work I do, to stay healthy. It was fun, watching everyone get into voting all month. Tell us more about your hockey participation.  Do you have a favorite memory? I have been playing hockey, since I was 4 years old. I have been playing with the same group of kids, since then too. I have two favorite memories: Playing for

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April 2019 – Team Remi

Remi and Boomer 2019

My husband, Eric, and I got married in July 2016, starting our family of 5 – Eric, our 3 bulldogs, Turk, Mayo, and Paul, and me. In January of 2018, we decided to expand our family by one more and brought our beautiful baby girl, Remi Monroe, into the world on October 17, 2018. While I was pregnant, we were told that we were both carriers for the CF gene and that there was a 25% chance that our child

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CFWW March 2019 – Emily Brown

Emily Brown homepage

I grew up in East branch, a very small town in Upstate NY. I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at the age of 3 along with my older sister, Bethany Brown. During elementary school I spent recess playing tackle football with the boys. I could run fast, so they gave me the ball and let me run. I really fell in love with sports after that. For youth sports I played softball. Then during my junior high years I participated

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February 2018 #CFWorkoutWarrior of the Month – Gunther Schwartz

Gunther Schwartz

I’m Gunther Schwartz, my friends call me G-Savage. I rowed all through high school. I’ve placed second in the state of Florida for men’s lightweight four. I’ve raced in the US Rowing southeast regional championship. My senior year of high school I rowed in the Stotesbury Cup Regatta, and the 2018 Canadian Secondary Schools Championships. I worked out every day in high school and graduated with Summa Cum Laude and was an active member in the National Honor Society for

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January 2019 #CFWorkoutWarrior – Megan Donnelly

Megan Donnelly cover

I’m the middle of five (all girls!) and grew up moving around with my Dad’s military career. My older sister also has CF and although our parents prioritized our health, they didn’t shelter or isolate us from the world. This instilled an “I can do it” attitude in all areas of life. I’ve been blessed with a great career, opportunities to travel the world, and ability to pursue my love for adventure and the outdoors. However, as I get older

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December 2018 CFWW – Branen Gordon

Branen Gordon home

I began playing sports early on in my life. I was always a very active kid and I still am to this day. Growing up I played every sport I could just because I wanted to be good at everything. Once I got to high school I stuck to football, basketball, and baseball. But even then I realized how hard it was to manage three sports with my CF life so I chose to play only football and basketball. I

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November 2018 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Kate Cornelius

Kate Cornelius homepage

I was born in Kansas City, Kansas, but moved around every couple of years for the first 22 years of my life and have been in Portland, OR for the last nearly six years, where I rediscovered my love of running. I grew up playing every sport available in school (and was that girl who LOVED gym class – luckily, we had gym twice a week for all four years of high school in my district!) from swim team to

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October 2018 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Tommy Reed

Tommy Reed

I am currently a 7th grader at Stow-Munroe Falls Middle School.  I love sports and working out.  I play football and am the running back, and also am the cornerback on defense.  I was voted captain by my peers 4 years in a row.  During the fall and winter, I play basketball and am the point guard.  I also love creating workouts in my basement and running outside.  I was also inspired to workout by American Ninja Warrior, and have

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September 2018 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Ella Scanlan

Ella Scanlon Sept2018 colorphoto

My name is Ella Scanlan. I am 25, with the double delta f508 mutation of cystic fibrosis. I am from Dublin, Ireland and was diagnosed with CF when I was one. Since that day, my family and I have lived by the ethos that where this is a will, there is a way – which is how I managed to attend and finish college with over 10 hospital admissions and countless absences. Despite that, I made it out the other

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August 2018 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Qayz Nurani

AOTM August 2018

I am going into my junior year at Palm Desert High School. I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada, where I played hockey and soccer non-stop. I was in Canada for about 8 years, moving every 2 years or so to different cities in Alberta, so I had to learn to adapt to my environment constantly. When I was 8, we moved to Newport Beach, California and lived there for about 4 years. In Newport Beach, they did not

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July 2018 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Camryn Koke

Camryn July 2018 home page

My name is Camryn Koke, I am 13 years old. I live in Southold NY out on the north fork of Long Island. I was born with Cystic Fibrosis which affects my life every single day with the treatments I have to do to stay healthy. I promised myself that I would never let cystic fibrosis be who I am only a challenging obstacle!

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2018 #CFWorkoutWarrior of the Year – Erinn Hoyt

Erinn Hoyt

My name is Erinn Hoyt and I am 27 years old. I was born at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, California and was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at birth. I began swimming competitively when I was only 5 years old and it quickly became my main passion for the majority of my life. When I was 25 years old I was listed for and received a lifesaving double lung transplant. I quit swimming when I was 17 years old. Not

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April 2018 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Travis Blau


My name is Travis Blau and I am from Jackson, New Jersey. Growing up with CF, I never let that stop me from playing sports, which I think had a huge impact in me staying healthy for as long as I did. I am 28 years old and I received a double lung transplant on my 27th birthday. I was working out until a month before I got the call that would change my life forever. I am currently a

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March 2018 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Jeremy Kharrazi

March 2018 Jeremy Kharrazi

I am the middle child of five. I have three sisters, squished between two older and one younger, along with a younger brother. I was born and raised in San Francisco, California until I was nine when my family moved across the Bay Bridge to the island city of Alameda, all the while going to the UCSF Pediatric CF Clinic. I left California for college and ended up in Nashville, Tennessee (to make life miserable for my parents, my older

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February 2018 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Ada Reed Rogers


My name is Ada Reed Rogers, and I began my first year of Junior High this past fall in my hometown of Union City, TN. I was diagnosed with CF when I was 5 months old and Juvenile Diabetes when I was in kindergarten. I don’t remember my life without having those things so I don’t think I’m really all that different. My friends and my family don’t treat me differently, and my coaches and teachers don’t either. I’m really

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January 2018 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Ben Marshall

January 2018 Ben Marshall

I’m a son, brother, boyfriend, friend, and collegiate athlete. I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 7 months old. I’ve been hospitalized just a few times throughout my life. My doctors encouraged me to stay active in sports which I believe has helped keep me out of the hospital. When I’m not spending my time with family or teammates, I like to watch football or play Madden. Most of what I do involves football because the sport has provided an

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December 2017 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Aidan Neville


I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when I was eight days old through newborn screening. My treatments started that day, and I have never known anything different. Because we live at the beach, my love for the ocean started early… even before we knew about Hypertonic Saline being such a great therapy. I went to my first Mauli Ola Surf day when I was six and have been hooked on surfing and boogie boarding since that day. During the summer,

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November 2017 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Mallory Holloway

November 2017 Mallory Holloway

I enjoy dancing (ballet, jazz, and tap) and have performed in Delaware Dance Company’s The Nutcracker since age 7. I am excited to be a Page and a member of the Trepak Corps in this year’s production. I also enjoy running – this is my second season running cross country on the middle school team at Conrad and I ran track last year where I competed in the 800m run, 1600m run, and on my team’s 4X400m relay.

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October 2017 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Justin Lucero

October 2017 Justin Lucero

I like to play football and basketball. I’ve been playing in a football league since I was 7, but have loved football longer than that. I like playing basketball and will be trying out for my schools team in October. I’ve been on the news while playing flag football which was so much fun! It wasn’t my favorite team the Steelers though! I also play the alto saxophone, but I love football more, because I don’t like sitting for too long.

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September 2017 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Teena Mobley

September 2017 Teena Mobley

Education: Bachelors in Sport Management, Associates in Business Administration Occupation: Assistant as CBS Sports Network (Manhattan, NY) My name is Teena and I am 22 years old. I am from Long Island, New York. This past May, I graduated from Long Island University, located in Brooklyn, where I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Sport Management. I also obtained my Associates degree, in Business Administration, at Monroe College located in New Rochelle, NY. Growing up, I was always active and always had a

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August 2017 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Luke Doherty

August 2017 Luke Doherty (1:2)

I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis since 6 weeks old. I was lucky that I had a huge interest in sport and played soccer since I was 10 years old which helped me stay healthy for years. Cystic Fibrosis didn’t hold me back till I was in my early 20’s and my lung function started to decline. I continued to finish my education as a personal trainer and sports therapist and finished that in 2013 where I took a year

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July 2017 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Connor Johnston

July 2017 Connor Johnston (2:2)

My name is Connor Johnston. I am 8 years old and getting ready to go into 3rd grade. I live just outside of Socorro, NM with my parents and two older brothers Cody (13) and Cole (11). They do not have CF. I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when I was 10 months old. I have been in the hospital 4 times since I was diagnosed.For the most part I am pretty healthy now. My lung function is a little

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June 2017 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Reilly Hoagland

June 2017 Reilly Hoagland (1:3)

My name is Reilly Hoagland, and I am 10 years old. I live in Toms River, NJ with my parents, my 6-year-old sister Melanie (she doesn’t have CF), and my dog Ryder (yes, he is named after a former NJ Devils Hockey player). I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when I was 4 years old. I have been pretty lucky to have not been in the hospital since I was diagnosed with CF. This year, I even got perfect attendance

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May 2017 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Josh Llewellyn-Jones

May 2017 Josh Llewellyn-Jones (2:2)

Hey, I’m Josh Llewellyn-Jones. I live in Wales and own and run an advertising agency called J Squared Marketing. Alongside running a business, I train, a lot. My typical day involves a full working day (with plenty of overtime) and a 2-3 hour workout and plenty of food! I also founded 24hrs4cf which is a movement to inspire and motivate other CF Warriors to exercise to try and stay fit and healthy. I’ve always kept myself fit and healthy through

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April 2017 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Sydney Willig

April 2017 Sydney Willig (2:3)

Hi, I’m Sydney Willig. I’m 13 years old. I am in 8th grade at Norwin School District in Pittsburgh, Pa. I enjoy playing soccer, snow ski racing, and water skiing. I also enjoy hanging out with friends, zip lining, and swimming. I snow ski for Deep Creek Winter Sports Team. I play soccer for a cup team called Foothills Soccer Club.  This year I made Derby’s which is a State Championship out of a lot of areas which you have

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March 2017 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Connor Hess

March 2017 Connor Hess (3:4)

My name is Connor Hess, I am 14 years old and on the High Honor Roll at Union Vale Middle School in Dutchess County, NY. I enjoy hunting and fishing and am very active in sports. I started playing baseball and soccer when I was just four years old. I played youth football and was lucky to play against the team that my CF doctor, Dr. Boyer coached. One year his team won, and then our team won the next

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February 2017 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Mackenzie Adair

February 2017 Mackenzie Adair (2:4)

I’m Mackenzie – my coaches like to call me “Big Mack” because I’ve always been a small powerhouse! I am in 7th grade and my favorite subjects are English and French – tres bien! I am a dancer and I have been dancing for 3 years. Before that, I was a gymnast for 8 years. When I was 8 years old, I was the New York State Level 4 Gymnastics Champion on balance beam, floor exercise and all around champion.

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January 2017 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Avery Flatford

January 2017 Avery Flatford (1:2)

I live with my mom Lynsey, dad Chuck, 11-year-old brother Rhett, and our Golden Retriever Majors. I’m a daughter, sister, granddaughter, friend, softball player, lefty pitcher, artist, Honor Roll student, sushi lover, popcorn enthusiast, social media junky, and listener of music of all kinds who happens to have Cystic Fibrosis. My sports teams are the University of Tennessee Volunteers, St. Louis Cardinals, and New England Patriots only because of Gronk. I was diagnosed with CF when I was 18 months

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November 2016 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Scotty Cook

November 2016 Scotty Cook (2:2)

I was diagnosed with CF at the age of 2. I have two brothers that also have Cystic Fibrosis. I am the youngest of the three. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. My favorite football team is the Bengals and baseball is the Reds. I am a huge dog person and have a golden retriever that is 8 years old named Daisy. While growing up, I played basketball and ran cross country. When you think of someone with

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October 2016 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Chris Love

October 2016 Chris Love (1:2)

Well, where to start…I’m 26 years old and I have my own videography and editing business. I was diagnosed with CF at birth and I have an older brother, Patrick, who had CF. Along with Pat I have a younger brother, Greg, and an older sister, Kelly. I’ve always been known as the goof ball of the family and I always try to keep everyone laughing wherever I go. Throughout my life I have always been an active person. Whether

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September 2016 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Danae Treadway

September 2016 Danae Treadway (3:3)

About myself… well to start out I am someone that is extremely active and for fun I enjoy boating, spending time with my two little boys Landon (will turn 6 in September) and Liam (will be 4 in November). Also, I enjoy working out, just started Crossfit last month and LOVE it!! Anything involving water and being outdoors, I love!

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August 2016 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Julia Rae

August 2016 Julia Rae (2:2)

I grew up just outside of Philadelphia and was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis before I was born after my older brother, Will’s, diagnosis. I am a recent graduate of Fordham University and I live in New York City with my rescue dog, Boo Radley (named after a character from my favorite book, To Kill a Mockingbird). I am a singer, actor and model and also work as a cystic fibrosis and patient advocate. I founded a nonprofit called Singing at

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July 2016 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Bree Labiak

July 2016 Bree Labiak (2:2)

Hello my name is Bree Labiak. I love to surf and skateboard. I am number one in the Mid Atlantic ESA Surfing Regional Championship for under 14 , under 16 , and under 18. I surf at 13th avenue south in the town of Surfside Beach.I go surfing just about every day either with my coach Rayn McDonough/r my other friends from 13th. I also have cystic fibrosis. The salt water helps me with my lungs so I am a

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June 2016 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Michael Caruso Davis

June 2016 Michael Caruso Davis

My name is Michael Caruso Davis and I am 13 years old. I love to play sports and run. My favorite sports are lacrosse and basketball. I also love to be at the beach. I like to surf, skim board and pretty much whatever else you can do on the beach. I’ve just recently started to like cooking also. I love to be outside with my friends but sometimes I can’t do that because I’m either doing treatments or too

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May 2016 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Colin and Sean Randles

Colin Randles (12 years old; 6th grade) My name is Colin Randles, I’m 12 years old and I have cystic fibrosis. I live at the beach and love playing sports. My favorite subject in school is science. My life with CF is hard and at times not fun. My friends motivate me the most. They push me to do my treatments and take my medicine. My favorite sport is lacrosse. I also like surfing, basketball and running. My favorite sports

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April 2016 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Gerard “GP” Pearlberg (aka Coach GP)

April 2016 Gerard “GP” Pearlberg (aka Coach GP)

I was born and raised in the South of England moving to the USA at age twenty four. Three years later at the challenge of my older sister Nicole my running career was born and in 1990 I ran my first marathon in NYC. By 2016 I have run twenty seven marathons, improved my marathon time from 4.41-2.34 and my mile time from ten minutes to 4.21. During that time I began a coaching career, co founded The Iron Maidens

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March 2016 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Kate Sneddon

I’m a senior at the University of Delaware. Next year I’ll be attending Stony Brook University’s program for a doctorate in Physical Therapy. I’m a very loud person with a lot of energy. I pretty much love any activity that I can do outside and I have yet to find an animal I don’t like.

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December 2015 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Brian Fleishhacker

December 2015 Brian Fleishhacker (1:2)

I grew up in Manhasset, New York and received an economics degree from Haverford College. I’ve been an athlete my entire life and played lacrosse through college. At Haverford I was a 2-year captain of the team and helped lead us to our first ever Conference Championship in 2010. We also made a run to the quarter finals of the NCAA tournament that year, the furthest we’ve gone in history. Since college, although I don’t get to play lacrosse as much

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November 2015 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Kerri Boucher

November 2015 Kerri Boucher

I was diagnosed with CF at the age of 5 and have one sister, Mallory, who also has CF. Our parents have always supported us in anything we chose to do whether it was school, work, or other activities. They also always told us to do our best to stay healthy so that when a new treatment or cure is found, we would be healthy enough to receive it. That’s what I try to do. Growing up, CF wasn’t an

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September 2015 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Laurie Cobb

September 2015 Laurie Cobb

I’m from the Poconos in Pennsylvania. I love and played a number of different sports throughout high school and college (tennis, softball, basketball) but I never pursued or even thought about endurance sports until a good friend suggested it about a year ago. I also love dogs. One of my favorite running activities is to dog watch to help keep my mind busy.

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August 2015 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Vincent Love

August 2015 Vincent Love (1:3)

I am from Stamford, Connecticut and have one sister Annie, who is going to be a senior in high school, and two loving parents, Lorraine and Vincent, who have supported me as my equipment managers and photographers at all my Team Boomer races. I have played a number of different sports including football, hockey, and lacrosse at KLHT (where I went to school from kindergarten through high school) and rugby at Boston College, but I was never a long distance,

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June 2015 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Abby Dwyer Maltz

June 2013 Abby Dwyer Maltz

I grew up in Rochester, New York with an incredibly loving and supportive family. When I was diagnosed at age two, forecasts were bleak. Two of my dad’s brothers had passed away from CF as children and that was the only experience with the disease my family knew. And they responded beautifully. I was raised like any other kid – taught to set goals and dream big. I had some scary health moments when I was in elementary school and

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May 2015 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Jerry Cahill

May 2015 Jerry Cahill

I was born on June 27, 1956, and have three older brothers as well as a younger brother and sister. Fortunately, out of the six of us, I am the only one with CF. After I was diagnosed, the doctors told my parents that I most likely would not live past the age of 16 – that they should keep me comfortable at home. Instead, my parents got me involved in sports with my brothers – playing football, baseball, and

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April 2015 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Sam Gaccione

April 2015 Sam Gaccione

I was born and raised in Westerly, RI, a small town in the southwestern corner of Rhody. I’ve been living in Manhasset for the past 24 years. I’ve been married to my beautiful and incredibly patient wife Paula for almost 23 years, who in addition to putting up with me, leads the charge in making sure our two children, Skyler (16) and Cole (13), are fed, do their homework, and take their shoes off in the mudroom.

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February 2015 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Michael Molnar

February 2015 Michael Molnar

I was born and raised in Northern New Jersey. My parents still live in Tenafly, NJ, are happy and healthy, and are fabulous grandparents to our two boys – Nicholas (23) and Alexander (20). Nick works on Wall Street and Zan is a sophomore at LMU in Louisiana. My wife Lynn and I started dating when I was in the 10th grade and she was in the 9th grade – and have now been married for 26 years!

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January 2015 CF Workout Warrior of the Month – Emily Schaller

January 2015 Emily Schaller

Founder/CEO of the Rock CF Foundation I’m a Pisces. A vegetarian. Fun loving. Broadway loving nerd. An aunt to 2 awesome nieces. Making small connections with people throughout the day makes me happy. In 2007 I founded the Rock CF Foundation to EmPower people with CF and their families to fight on and feel like they are part of something bigger.

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Logan McGovern – December 2014 CF Workout Warrior of the Month

December 2014 Logan McGovern (3:3)

I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at Yale Children’s Hospital when I was three months old.  I have 2 older brothers who do not have CF – Conor (21), and Trevor (18). I grew up in Darien and have played every sport you could name growing up including lacrosse, hockey, golf, tennis, baseball, basketball, squash, and paddle. My favorite sport is Lacrosse. I played this past spring on the Darien Youth Lacrosse 8th grade travel A team. I play year

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Sally Bell – November 2014 CF Workout Warrior of the Month

June 2012 Sally Bell

My son Stephen, who was diagnosed at 3 months old, is now 30. My husband, Gene, and I raised Stephen as normally as possible – never keeping him in a bubble. I got involved with the Boomer Esiason Foundation and Team Boomer in 2011 when Stephen asked me to run the NYC Marathon because there were a few spots still open on the team. I have always been athletic, never really a runner – but I said yes. I started

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Craig Fels 2014

I am born and raised on Long Island.  Met my wife Melissa out in Pennsylvania while attending Indiana University of PA.  Convinced her to move to New York with me and 20 years later, we have two beautiful daughters, Lauren (11) and Erin (8) and live in Smithtown.

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Blair and Bobby Plott – September 2014 CF Workout Warriors of the Month

September 2014 Blair and Bobby Plott (1:3)

We live in Bobby’s hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Roll Tide) with our two young sons, Boots (8) and Thomas (6). We’ve been married 14 years and have trained together for the New York Marathon 3 years in a row, although this is only our second year to run it because of Superstorm Sandy in 2012. This year we are really excited to have 3 friends running with us for Team Boomer in New York. 5 people from Tuscaloosa, AL –

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Nathan Hatley – August 2014 CF Workout Warrior of the Month

August 2014 Nathan Hatley

I have had cystic fibrosis my entire life. In spite of the doctors’ initial claim that I would not live past the age of 2, I am now approaching 22 and getting stronger every day. I am a big believer that exercise keeps me healthy and have been running since the 7th grade. I got really serious about running once I started cross-country in high school, which led to my running for Catawba College in Salisbury, NC. After I graduate,

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Mike Corr – July 2014 CF Workout Warrior of the Month

July 2014 Mike Corr (1:2)

Hi! My name is Mike Corr and I am the Dad to two great kids – Anna, 22, and Aidan, 19 – who happen to have cystic fibrosis. Both of my kids fight their disease continuously in ways that epitomize their personalities. Right now, we are so close to fully managing – or even curing – the disease, so I firmly believe we need to continue with the full court press and do everything possible to fundraise. I can’t personally

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Bobby Campbell – June 2014 CF Workout Warrior of the Month

June 2014 Bobby Campbell (1:2)

I was born and raised on Long Island, NY where I currently live with my wife and two children, Ella and Luke. Throughout my childhood, high school and college years I was constantly competing in sports like football, basketball and baseball, though it was not until my late twenties that I really took up running.  I turned to running to get me through some tougher times years ago as a stress reliever (a free one at that), and it has

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Sabrina Walker – May 2014 CF Workout Warrior of the Month

May 2014 Sabrina Walker (1:3)

About me: I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska and I am ¼ Tlingit Indian (Alaska Native). I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at the age of 4 and was told that I would not live past the age of 8. I participated in X-Country Running & Track and Field in middle and high school. A few months after graduating from high school, a tumor was found on my spine and I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a type of

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Roger Wright – April 2014 CF Workout Warrior of the Month

April 2014 Roger Wright

I grew up in Maine, moved to Texas when I was 12 and back to New England after graduating from college. Decided against going to medical school and instead ended up working in the mortgage field with my brother and have remained in the industry for 28 years. Met my wife Mary at a party and somehow convinced her to go out with me. We have been married 22 years this October. I was morbidly obese for most of my

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Pete Olson 2014

March 2014 Pete Olson

Excerpt From November 2013 personal blog: Even without a race recap, many of you – my dozen or so readers – already know that just a few nights ago, I completed my first half marathon down in Orlando at Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon. And while I am proud as punch that I, a formerly obese smoker, was able to run 13.1 miles in just a little over two-and-a half hours, I really want this post to be about

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Chris Kvam – March 2014 CF Workout Warrior of the Month

March 2014 Chris Kvam (1:2)

I’m 33 years old, an avid cyclist and runner, a husband, a prosecutor, and I happen to have CF.  I was diagnosed at the age of 4.  I live my life with CF by setting short and long term goals, the achievement of which require adherence to my medical regimen.  Growing up with CF gave me a drive to figure out what is most important to me and to accomplish it, and as I reach my mid-30’s, CF has distilled

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Doug Ornoff – February 2014 CF Workout Warrior of the Month

February 2014 Doug Ornoff

I was diagnosed with CF a few weeks after I was born. Skip forward 29 years, and I’m now an MD/PhD student at the University of North Carolina, training for a career as a physician-scientist. I also compete in triathlons, running races, and open-water swimming events. What free time I have after all that is spent with my girlfriend, friends, and family. I recently challenged myself to complete an Ironman race – which was a true challenge. With a combination

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Moni Hendrix

October 2013 Moni Hendrix

When asked to write a blog for Team Boomer, I was not only honored, but also a little uncertain because I have never really stopped to think about my last ten years as a marathoner. On November 3, I ran my tenth – and final – New York City Marathon, something that was exciting and bittersweet at the same time. I ran my first NYC marathon in 2001, just eight weeks after 9/11 at the age of thirty-one. I can’t remember exactly

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Scott Buchanan

August 2013 Scott Buchanan

Living with Cystic Fibrosis is a bit like having a monkey on your back.  Those long arms draped around your shoulders and neck. He’s a wiley old devil; helping himself to your lunch, always making noise, sometimes tugging on your hair or poking you in the eye. As you age together he demands more attention and time to appease. And he just keeps putting on weight – even after you’ve stopped growing. Over time he gets heavy and threatens to

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Mark Capristo

August 2013 Mark Capristo (1:2)

I was always a bigger guy, and eventually, let my weight get to a point where it took a major toll on my health. I ate and drank whatever I wanted without noting the consequences. That all changed when, in 2008, I was in a serious motorcycle accident. Six seconds after a light turned red – and while I had the right-of-way – a car slammed into me while I was crossing an intersection. The police report stated that I

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David Gray

October 2012 David Gray (2:2)

I Run for My Family… My brother-in-law Nathan suffers from cystic fibrosis, an inherited chronic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system of about 30,000 children and young adults in the United States (and 70,000 worldwide). In the 1950s, few children with cystic fibrosis lived to attend elementary school. Since that time, thanks to advances in research, significant progress has been made in the form of innovative medical treatments resulting in the enhanced and extended life for children and

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Stephen Bell

October 2012 Stephen Bell

What the Marathon Means to Me… Whenever I tell people that I run marathons they normally respond with one of three words: crazy, nuts, or insane.  It’s been nearly 11 months since I last crossed the finish line of a marathon, but here I am once again staring down the barrel of 26.2 miles.  A journey that will not only take me through the streets of Chicago, but a journey that will once again push my body and mind to

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Natalie Wainwright

September 2012 Natalie Wainwright

Mountain Momma Training I signed up with Team Boomer for the New York City Marathon in April and I started my training in May. It just so happens that in May I also moved from New York City back to my hometown – Bridgeport, West Virginia.  Yep, that’s right, I moved from the “big city lights” back to “small town USA.” You all know the song, right? Country Roads, take me home To the place I belong West Virginia, mountain

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Sally Bell

June 2012 Sally Bell

My name is Sally Bell. I am the mom of a 28-year-old son, Stephen, who has Cystic Fibrosis. He is truly an inspiration to the Bell family. Exercise has always been a part of my life. About a year ago, we were having a family dinner in Hoboken and Stephen mentioned there were spots on Team Boomer to run the New York Marathon in November of 2011. Stephen had already run two New York Marathons with Team Boomer. I really

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Kevin Dwyer

May 2012 Kevin Dwyer (1:2)

Having cystic fibrosis makes running difficult. So why do I do it? I started running as a personal challenge to run a marathon. Through the ups and downs of a grueling sixteen-week training schedule my reasons expanded. I run for a cure and to raise awareness. I run because it helps to keep my lungs clear. I run because I can. I run for my family. On particularly difficult days I push myself to run to defy CF and prove

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