CF Workout Warrior
December 2019
Tim O'Grady

Athlete Name: Tim O'Grady
Hometown: Manasquan, NJ
Education: Mount St. Mary's University

Tell us a little about yourself

I was born and raised in Monmouth County, NJ which is where I still call “home” today. I was diagnosed with CF at two years old in 1976 when there was significantly less understood or known about the disease than today. I spent much of my youth taking monthly visits to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). I had a very active childhood, and athletics were a big part of growing up. I ended up playing collegiate rugby for Mount St. Mary’s and then for Monmouth Men’s team for 10 years following.

I am a proud father of twin boys (12) and very lucky husband to my favorite human being and biggest supporter, Sheila. We have a very active household where exercise is part of our everyday lives.  Running, golfing, hiking, and skiing are all a big part of my family’s activities.

I currently work in the healthcare arena working with brilliant individuals and pharmaceutical manufacturers who are constantly looking to improve the lives of patients across all disease states.


“I exercise because it helps my lungs stay strong and keeps me healthy."

Why do you exercise? Tell us a little about your marathon training.

I exercise because I enjoy being active. I also exercise because it helps my lungs stay strong and keeps me healthy. I decided to run the NYC marathon in memory of my little sister, Erin, who had CF and passed away at an early age. This marathon was just as much ‘hers’ as it was mine. She never had a chance to run so I wanted to do this for her. This was my first marathon and I was fortunate to have my wife (an experienced marathon runner) helping me train and joining me on the long runs. For me, those long runs were hands down the best part of the training experience because of the company.


What was your pump up song?

Pump up song would have to be “I’m Shipping up to Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys. Or – Anything by Shredded Money.


What is your best fundraising tip?

My close family and friends have shown me unbelievable support. I can’t thank them enough. My only tip would be to let those who have supported you know how much it means to you.


How was your overall NYC Marathon experience, do you think this is something you would want to do again?

The NYC marathon was a fantastic experience. Actually running 26.2 miles was secondary for me compared to seeing my family and close friends support me in NYC during the race. Support from my college friends, lifelong friends, neighbors and family made this an experience I’ll certainly never forget.

Would I do it again? I’m still a little sore so ask me again in a month or so….

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