CF Workout Warrior
December 2020
Alayna Albanys

Athlete Name: Alayna Albanys
Hometown: Taylor, Michigan
Education: Sophomore

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Alayna im 15 years old. I was diagnosed with CF during my moms 20th week of pregnancy.  Before Covid I was a cheerleader for Allen Park High School sideline and competitive. When it comes to my CF my mom has always taught me not to let it define who I am and what I can do. November 14, 2019 I started Trikafta. Since then my lung function has increased more then 25 percent.  My baseline was around 55 percent now I’m around 77. My weight is up over 20 pounds and I recently was able to have my feeding tube removed.  Since starting Trikafta my life has changed so much.  I’m able to do more and enjoy life.

"My goal is to stay healthy and continue to work on increasing my lung function."

Tell us what motivates you the most. 

Finally feeling like what is like to be healthy.  Pushing through a cheer season has always been hard and ends with an admission but since starting Trikafta in able to do it and so much more.


Tell us about your exercise routine. What activities do you enjoy doing?

Currently I’m trying to run more so I can join the track team in the spring.  I enjoy hanging out with my friends and doing competitive cheer.


Why do you exercise? Has your exercise changed due to quarantine?

My exercise has changed as I’m no longer in cheer Due to covid. Currently I run on the treadmill and do at home workouts.


How do you stay motivated during quarantine?

It’s been hard but I know if I don’t do certain things to keep myself healthy I could end up in the hospital.


What are your goals for the future?

My goal is to stay healthy and continue to work on increasing my lung function. I hope to become a NICU nurse one day.


Who is your role model? 

My mom.  She’s strong and always supports me.  She pushes me to never quit.  She works hard and does everything she can to keep me healthy.

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