CF Workout Warrior
February 2018
Ada Reed Rogers

Athlete Name: Ada Reed Rogers
Age: 52
Hometown: Jackson, New Jersey
Education: Mt. St. Mary’s University

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Ada Reed Rogers, and I began my first year of Junior High this past fall in my hometown of Union City, TN. I was diagnosed with CF when I was 5 months old and Juvenile Diabetes when I was in kindergarten. I don’t remember my life without having those things so I don’t think I’m really all that different. My friends and my family don’t treat me differently, and my coaches and teachers don’t either. I’m really glad about that. I love all sports and competitive activities. P.E has always been my favorite subject since elementary school. I figured out when I was younger that if I ran a 5k and crossed the finish line before other people I would get a medal. I guess I kind of got really hooked on trying to get a medal. My family and I started GLO for a CURE in my hometown five years ago as a way to encourage everyone not to make excuses for staying healthy. It is a 5k at night, and I strive every year to be a top winner so I can show people that no matter what you don’t give up. You always push yourself to do better. All of our proceeds go to the CF Foundation to help support research in hopes to find a Cure. My hometown and my school have really made this event a success and although they support me and cheer me on, they also don’t cut me any slack when it comes to the race route. I wouldn’t want it any other way! I enjoy playing all sports and athletic activities. My favorite sport is basketball. Basketball is life! I love my team and I am working hard to improve every day. I also love anything to do with being outside and enjoying the outdoors. Besides the basketball court, there isn’t any place I would rather be than on my four wheeler, on a boat, or playing outside with my dog.

Tell us what motivates you the most.
The fact that I have worked so hard to get where I am keeps me motivated to push harder, because why would I just want to have to start all over again?

Why do you exercise?
I exercise because it is fun and because I know I am helping myself to stay healthy.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to be a vet when I get older because I love animals.

Who is your role model?
My role model is Pat Summitt, who served as head coach for the UT Lady Vols Basketball team from 1974 to 2012. Go VOLS!!! The word “excuses” wasn’t in her vocabulary. My favorite quote from her is “There is always someone better than you. Whatever it is that you do for a living, chances are, you will run into a situation in which you are not as talented as the person next to you. That’s when being a competitor can make a difference in your fortunes.”

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