CF Workout Warrior
July 2019
Julia Reed

Athlete Name: Julia Reed
Hometown: Stow, OH
Education: 8th Grade

Tell us a little about yourself

I just finished my seventh-grade year at Kimpton Middle School in Stow where I am a three-sport athlete. I started the year with cross country, during the winter I was on a swim team, and during the spring I played lacrosse.  I love to run and swim, and especially I love being with my friends. I am best known as the friend who can make you laugh at any time.

“My body feels so much stronger and healthier when I’m exercising.”

Tell us what motivates you the most.

I am motivated by how exercise keeps me healthy, but I also love the competition.  I love to beat my times in swimming and running, to see myself getting faster and stronger.  I also have some really great coaches and friends on my lacrosse and cross-country teams, so that definitely makes practices more fun.


Why do you exercise?

I love the way exercise makes me feel.  My body feels so much stronger and healthier when I’m exercising.  I definitely don’t let CF hold me back when I’m competing. Every year, our school holds some sort of race.  With over 200 girls in my grade, I have never been able to place.  This year it was two miles. I have gotten so much stronger, I was able to take 3rd place!!  There were times in my life where it was so hard to breathe, I can’t believe I am so strong right now (and I will definitely keep getting stronger).


What are your goals for the future?

My main goal for the future is to work the hardest I possibly can in everything I do. I know this will help me get far.  I want to go to college and possibly become a marine biologist.  I love animals and would love to have a career working with them.


Who is your role model?

I have several important role models in my life.  I really look up to my three older cousins, Natalie, Ana, and Nicole.  Also, I definitely look up to my cross-country coach (who was also a swimmer too) and my Wyldlife leader, Briggs.  I am so lucky to have so many strong women in my life.

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