CF Workout Warrior
June 2020
Faith Dunlap

Athlete Name: Faith Dunlap
Hometown: Melbourne, FL

Tell us a little about yourself

I enjoy nature and being outdoors. Fitness activities include running, surfing, kayak, stand up paddleboard (SUP), camping & hiking when I can get to the mountains. I work at a local wildlife hospital and sanctuary that rescues, rehabs, and releases Florida wildlife.

“Proving to myself and others that there are no obstacles that cannot be overcome.”

Why do you exercise?

I don’t think of my activities as exercise. I just play, and really enjoy all that I do.


Has your exercise changed due to quarantine?

The biggest change to my exercise routine since the quarantine is that I was in a training program to stand up paddleboard 80 miles from the Bahamas to Florida for a CF fundraiser called The Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis with the Piper’s Angels Foundation. The Crossing was unfortunately postponed this year, so I haven’t been as diligent with the training as I otherwise would have been, since now it’s not until 2021.


How do you stay motivated during quarantine? 

I have a very physically active job and on my days off I still want to play. Due to having CF, my safe activities have always been ones that afford social distancing, so I can still participate in them now.


What are your goals for the future?

Fitness goals: I’m still registered for 2 half marathons in the fall, but of course we’ll have to wait to see if there is a Covid19 spike, if they will be held, if it will be safe to participate if they are held, etc… I still have The Crossing next summer.

Career goals: I am an aspiring Marine Biologist and would love to work in field research.

Life goals: Thanks to organizations like BEF, the CFF and their investments in new medical treatments, I can actually look forward to a long life; not something CF patients have been able to say until recently. My goal is to make the most of all the possibilities these investments are affording me.


Who is your role model?

This is not a question I’ve ever considered. My personal role models are my parents. They have always fought for me to have the best chance at life and pushed me to be the absolute best I can be.  Professional: Sylvia Earle and Jane Goodall.  Both women have used their passions to advocate for the environment and wildlife.  When I was younger I admired Bethany Hamilton & strongly identified with her faith and tenacity to overcome her physical limitations.

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