CF Workout Warrior
March 2021
Miles Stokey

Athlete Name: Miles Stokey
Hometown: Jupiter, Florida
Education: 2nd Grade

About Miles...

Miles was born on April 12, 2013. Miles lives with his mom, dad, and best friend Blu (his dog). Miles loves friends and outdoor adventures. He loves going to the beach, going camping, and riding his bike around the neighborhood.

"The more I exercise, the stronger my lungs"

What motivates Miles the most?

Miles is motivated by fun! He loves to socialize and will do anything if it means that he gets to see his friends. This has been difficult to do during the pandemic and social distancing, but he’s managed to see friends at the beach and in our neighborhood ONLY when everyone is wearing masks.


The exercise routine…

Miles likes to ride his bike or skateboard around our neighborhood. He loves going on long walks with the dog. He also walks on the beach multiple times a week hunting for sharks teeth in the shell mounds. Also, Miles plays tennis weekly and enjoys directed dancing on programs like GoNoodle.


Why exercise? What does fitness during quarantine look like?

Miles exercises mostly to release some cooped-up energy from being at home all day. He also knows that the more he exercises, the stronger his lungs will be. Since quarantine, it’s been hard to except use like he had in the past. He would run at school during recess or PE. He’d meet friends at the park to play and ride bikes or scooters.


How does Miles stay motivated?

Miles’ parents motivate him during quarantine. It’s easy to fall into a not so healthy routine when you’re stuck at home and not going to school. His parents encourage him to go outside and move when he’s not virtually learning.


Future goals?

Miles has hopes to return to in person school next year for third grade. He can’t wait to reunite with his friends and teachers. When he grows up he wants to be a veterinarian and take care of dogs like his buddy Blu.


Role model? 

Miles’ role model is his dad. He thinks his dad is a hard worker that can fix everything.

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