CF Workout Warrior
November 2019
Michelle Thrun

Athlete Name: Michelle Thrun
Hometown: Glenwood Springs, CO
Education: University of Colorado

Tell us a little about yourself

I am a born and raised Coloradan and currently live in Denver where I work as a risk and underwriting analyst for a large health insurance company. I was diagnosed with CF at 2 weeks old. I grew up in a very active family surrounding by so much love and support by everyone I knew, and running is in our blood. Training for a marathon has always been on my list, and NYC has always been my top choice because it always falls on my birthday weekend. This year my sister Melissa and I teamed up to run 26.2 for my 26th birthday.

"The thing that motivates me the most is being able to constantly push the boundaries of what is “normal”, especially with CF."

Tell us what motivates you the most.

The thing that motivates me the most is being able to constantly push the boundaries of what is “normal”, especially with CF. Seeing all the love and support for the foundations’ missions helping the CF community motivates me even more to continue to do my best to reshape what is possible even in the face of adversity. I have CF; it doesn’t have me.


Why do you exercise? Tell us a little about your marathon training.

I exercise and run not just for the health benefits, but because I truly enjoy it. For me, running is something that I have had the blessing to experience and compete while having CF, and many aren’t as fortunate in that regard. Marathon training has been exciting and challenging – training at altitude in Denver will hopefully play to my advantage in NYC!


What is your pump-up song?

Anything by Lady GaGa


What is your best fundraising tip?

Don’t be afraid to reach out to people outside of your network!


How is training with your sister? Do you plan on sticking together on race day?

Doing this marathon with my sister is definitely one of the highlights of my life. I’m so excited to get to share this experience with my best friend. Training has been difficult to coordinate because we live in separate cities and both have full time jobs! But we have tried to get together as often as possible. We both start in the 11AM wave but in different corrals, so we will try and run together but have never run a race this big so I don’t know what to expect!

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