CF Workout Warrior
October 2019
Ivan Jacobs

Athlete Name: Ivan Jacobs
Hometown: Concord, NC
Education: Barton College

Tell us a little about yourself

I think about myself as a competitor, I like winning. I am a freshman at Barton College and I also play football. I am the second oldest of five. I was diagnosed with CF in my junior year of high school and honestly, I was shocked because I felt pretty healthy my whole life. I began to see CF as yet another challenge. Challenges are funny because you can either go at it head-on or falter. When describing myself I wouldn’t be here without my family. I do believe that there is nothing stronger than that bond. I actually used to despise the sport I am now playing in college on a scholarship, but I grew to love it and I plan to be the best at both being a student and an athlete.

“I view working out as a game sometimes, whenever I don’t see results I stay persistent"

Tell us what motivates you the most.

When I think of motivation my mind instantly goes to my late younger brother who unfortunately passed back in 2015. I play in honor of him and hope he’s as excited as I am during this period of my life. Watching him play made me more excited for the game than the Super Bowl somehow. Other than that, I think of what will happen if I lose vs when I win.


Why do you exercise?

I exercise to be healthier and perform better on the field. Whenever I was younger I would workout whenever I felt stressed; now is similar, but there is more routine as a football player. I view working out as a game sometimes, whenever I don’t see results I stay persistent and think back to when I weighed a little over a hundred pounds as a freshman in high school.


What are your goals for the future?

My goal for the future is to pursue football as long as I can, eventually earn a degree in business, and know enough to become an entrepreneur of my own. My older brother is my main inspiration for having this plan because I see him as one of the smartest people I know and he always provides wisdom right when it’s needed.


Who is your role model?

When I think of a role model I think of my parents and older brother. I can’t think of anyone but these people who have gone through so much stress and still persevered. I learned from them to never give up regardless of how relentless life beats you down. This is why I know I will be successful in whatever I put my mind and effort on.

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