CF Workout Warrior
September 2015
Laurie Cobb

Athlete Name: Laurie Cobb
Age: 39
Hometown: Moscow, Pennsylvania
Education: Widener University (Philadelphia) undergrad, Wilmington University (Delaware) MBA

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m from the Poconos in Pennsylvania. I love and played a number of different sports throughout high school and college (tennis, softball, basketball) but I never pursued or even thought about endurance sports until a good friend suggested it about a year ago. I also love dogs. One of my favorite running activities is to dog watch to help keep my mind busy.

“I kept thinking of those amazing CF’ers and I didn’t give up.”

How did you get involved with Team Boomer?
I got involved with Team Boomer after attending Refi Rock at the Central Park Zoo right after we moved here. A bunch of colleagues invited me to go and I thought it was so well run I had to send an e-mail stating this to the generic e-mail address on the BEF website asking what I could do to help and get involved. After learning more about Team Boomer and speaking with Michaela I ended up joining the Young Professionals Committee and from there I learned more about the Team Boomer athletic events.

What is your favorite Team Boomer memory?
My favorite Team Boomer memory so far was at my first half marathon, I was coming up to mile 13 and there were some people who had already finished waiting near the finish line cheering for me. It was an amazing moment.

What is your best fundraising tip?
Of course, everyone uses social media to fundraise, but I find my posts that get the most responses and likes are those when you include a funny or eye catching picture. My memes of Ryan Gosling tend to get a lot of donations. Get creative with it!

Why do you run?
Short answer – because I can and I should.

Three years ago I was moved from JP Morgan in Delaware to JP Morgan in New York. I packed up my life and moved to Hoboken and I started working in the city. I had been used to suburban life, park your car in the driveway and drive everywhere and not having to walk far for anything. I sporadically did fitness classes and had many unsuccessful attempts with Weight Watchers, but didn’t really pay a lot of attention to my weight. After a few weeks of living in Hoboken and generally moving more I noticed how truly out of shape I was. I was over 350lbs when I stepped on the scale at my doctor’s office. I started making small changes in my diet and working out a bit more, but nothing too serious. When I saw more weight starting to come off, I began pushing harder, making more changes to my diet and adding in more exercise. I found a workout that I loved (spinning) and met some really awesome people who encouraged me along the way and helped me try new and different workouts. Eventually, the weight kept coming off and my body kept changing. Anyone who has been through a serious body transformation can tell you it is very hard to describe and very emotional.

I wanted to try running, but I was too nervous about running outside or on my own because I figured I would look like a serious hot overweight mess trying to make it around the block. With encouragement from my friends I started some light jogging on a treadmill in our gym. Then I attended a Young Professionals Committee meeting and had the pleasure of sitting next to Steve Bell. I believe he was training for the London marathon at the time (but I could be wrong – he does a lot of them 😉 and I just remember thinking “this guy is amazing” and he inspired me to keep pushing through my fears and to run outside. Every time I got scared about what I looked like, or embarrassed because I had to stop to walk or slow down, I kept thinking of those amazing CF’ers and I didn’t give up. A few months later I did my first 5k, then Tough Mudder, then a half marathon. I am doing the 2015 NYC marathon for Team Boomer and can’t wait to meet everyone from the team soon!

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