CF Workout Warrior
September 2014
Blair and Bobby Plott

Athlete Name: Blair and Bobby Plott

Tell us a little about yourself

We live in Bobby’s hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Roll Tide) with our two young sons, Boots (8) and Thomas (6). We’ve been married 14 years and have trained together for the New York Marathon 3 years in a row, although this is only our second year to run it because of Superstorm Sandy in 2012. This year we are really excited to have 3 friends running with us for Team Boomer in New York. 5 people from Tuscaloosa, AL – all running the New York Marathon for cystic fibrosis….pretty cool.

Why Team Boomer?
Thomas, our 6-year-old was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when he was only 10 weeks old. From the moment he was diagnosed we vowed to do everything we could in order to find a cure for CF…even if it means getting out of our comfort zone and training for a marathon.

Running with Team Boomer has been an amazing experience. We have made friends from literally all over the world through Team Boomer. Three years ago, we had the chance to actually speak to Boomer before the team dinner. We didn’t talk long but what he said really resonated with us. He talked about how you hate for your kid to have CF and you would do anything in the world to change it but if there is an upside, it has to be how as a parent you treasure every single milestone and accomplishment. His statement that watching your child with CF get a hit in little league feels like you’ve just won the Super Bowl is so true.

What are you fundraising suggestions? 
Just tell your story. Asking people for money is uncomfortable for most people and was certainly true of us. However, over the years, I have realized that not asking is not keeping with the promise we made to ourselves to do everything possible to cure CF. Quite literally Thomas’ life depends on it. I am no longer afraid to ask people for money. Some say no, and that’s ok, but I’ve found that a direct ask usually gets a positive response.

Why do you and Bobby run?
To say I have never been much of an athlete is putting it mildly. Bobby, on the other hand, has always excelled in sports. When he came up with the idea for us to train for a marathon, I thought he was crazy. I also knew that I wanted our sons to grow up knowing they could do anything they wanted to do, no matter how crazy, or how hard it might seem. I also hope they will see the importance we put on physical activity and will remain active throughout their lives, particularly given the importance of exercise to those with CF.

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