CF Workout Warrior
October 2014
Craig Fels

Athlete Name: Craig Fels

Tell us a little about yourself

I am born and raised on Long Island.  Met my wife Melissa out in Pennsylvania while attending Indiana University of PA.  Convinced her to move to New York with me and 20 years later, we have two beautiful daughters, Lauren (11) and Erin (8) and live in Smithtown.

“I run because I believe in changing your life”

 Best Team Boomer Memory:  I joined Team Boomer years ago, meeting many members of the organization at the Great South Bay Triathlon.  Since then, I have enjoyed participating in various Team Boomer events, but my favorite was the NYC Half Marathon in 2013.  It was three short weeks until the event and Team Boomer was looking for last minute entries to fill the roster.  After contemplating this for a few days, I decided to sign up, having never run more then 7 miles at a stretch before. als were all accomplished, and some were more challenging than others:  raise money for the foundation in such a short period of time, find time to train in three weeks with a busy travel schedule and complete the Half Marathon without walking.

Best Fundraising Tip: Reach out to family, friends, business associates and anyone who will listen.  Spread the word why you run, who you are running for, tell your story.  People want to do good; they want to help.  First and foremost, it is about why you run.  I often find that many people do not understand what CF is, how it affects people, and why it is important to raise funds and continue research that will help fight this deadly disease.  This brings people closer to why they are donating and ultimately helping you raise money to meet and exceed your goals.  Then, go out and use that support group to motivate you across that finish line!

Why do I run:  Because I can.  Because I “retired” from soccer years ago, after a few minor surgeries and needed to find something that would not put me in the hospital again.  I always ran, but not like I do today.  Back then, I ran to train, today I run to stay healthy and fit.  For me though, running can be boring, so I got the bike, started to swim and enjoy the multi-sport world of triathlon today.  I have Team Boomer to thank for that.  I also participate in these events to challenge myself and to show my girls they can do anything with a plan, hard work, and WILL.

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